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Fertilising & Soil Wetting Treatments

Fertilising & Soil Wetting Treatments

Fertilising not only makes your lawn and gardens look great, but also increases total grass and plant production and improves the general health of your soil.

Lawn fertiliser is a source of food that lawns require on a regular basis to retain good health and are an essential part of every lawn care regimen. Pro Cut recommend a regular fertiliser service as part of your lawn care.

Fertilising & Soil Wetting Treatments

Regular fertilising can make the difference between a good lawn and a great lawn. Always take care when fertilising to ensure you do not over-fertilise which can be more damaging to a lawn than not fertilising at all. Our Pro Cut operators can advise you.

A regularly mown lawn will benefit from a treatment of an organic or slow release fertiliser 4 times per year at low dose rates – usually spring, twice in summer and again in autumn.

During stress and high growth periods, a good dose of seaweed emulsion will also be beneficial to your lawn and gardens.

Fertilising & Soil Wetting Treatments soil wetting

Soil Wetting Treatment

Soil Wetting treatments can help with your soils water absorption. A soil wetting agent can also be useful for garden beds and pot plants as some soils and potting mixes can become water repellent.
A waxy coating on grains of soil gives water repelling effects often seen in many soils. This waxy coating resists water entering the soil and needs to be treated with a wetting agent. A wetting agent is like a detergent and removes the waxy coating on the soil to allow water to penetrate and improves your soils condition.
Ask your professional Pro Cut operator for the best treatment for your lawn and gardens.

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