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Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Hedges are a great feature of any property, whether as a sculptured piece of art or simply to create some privacy.

The benefits of regular hedge trimming, and pruning include healthier plants, thicker foliage and, of course will keep your garden looking neat and tidy.

Whatever the size, our operators have the equipment and experience to get your hedges, shrubs, and small trees back in shape!

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Why Prune?

Preventative maintenance by pruning and trimming your plants will encourage plants to grow and flourish. You can also shape your plants to suit your garden or design while also removing unsightly dead branches or foliage affected by pests or disease.

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Dead Branches

Removing dead branches from trees or overhanging branches will help to improve safety for your family, home, and assets. Branches that overhang buildings, fences or power lines can cause unnecessary damages that are avoidable by engaging a qualified and experienced Pro Cut operator.

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Correct shaping of rose bushes, hedges, and trees while they are young can make all the difference to your garden design and look as they mature and take shape and helps with proper growth.



Hedges are ideal to give privacy and even act as a fence, but to get the best out of them they need to be trimmed properly. Hedge trimming should be done on a regular basis for the best result, especially when the hedge is new and still growing to its preferred size. Trimming the hedge will make it grow thicker, look better and provide more privacy.

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