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Lawn Mowing Glen Iris

Are you struggling to find your house behind the jungle on your front lawn? Do you have a house inspection coming up? Don’t have time to tackle the weeds?

Hi! My name is Peter Bone from Pro Cut Lawns and Gardening in Glen Iris and I can help you get back your beautiful yard and maintain it.

I love what I do

To me, nothing says welcome home more than a beautifully kept lawn and garden. Having lived in the neighbourhood for 20 years, I am dedicated to providing my service to the local community that I love by putting in the hard labour to ensure our neighbourhood is looking its best. I know that a well-kept lawn says a lot about a person, and I can make it say only the best about you.

Selling your home?

If you’re looking to sell, having your gardens tended and lawns mowed will increase the value! The first impression of your house is the first step to successfully selling your property, and you want to make that impression count. I can tend to your yard, from trimming the hedges to cleaning up the edges, and I will dispose of the rubbish for you. Your home is worth more than you realise, and I can help you get it.

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Creating a garden?

If you just bought a new home and need your landscaping started, I can help you. I will personally provide you with advice on plants most suitable for your property. My knowledge can be used for your convenience in creating a lawn and garden that you’re happy with. If you need to keep it maintained, I can keep you on my schedule. I am here to help you, no matter the size of your yard.


Don’t ignore those forgotten gardens at work. Make sure those bushes are pruned and the edging is cared for. Those gardens are at the face of your business, and you don’t want it looking less than perfect. I’ll sweep the leaves off the path, and dispose of the litter carelessly disposed of in your precious garden. Your gardens will be as professional as your business.

Pro Cut quality

At Pro Cut, we pride ourselves in giving you the beautiful first impression of neatly trimmed lawns and carefully maintained gardens at affordable prices. I work to my absolute best to ensure every detail is right, and offer advice to help you protect your investment.

Some of the Lawn Mowing and Gardening services I offer include:

• Lawn mowing

• Garden maintenance

• Edging

• Weed control

• Rubbish removal

• Fertilizer application

• Garden clean up

• Hedge trimming

• Pruning

• Real estate services

• Businesses

• Body corporates

My pride in presenting you with a beautiful lawn is the fuel for the hard labour I put in to your yard. I am efficient and trustworthy, and will arrive as scheduled to offer you a professional service at a standard that will far exceed your expectations. 

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