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Lawn Mowing Gordon

We offer our customers reliability, fair prices, honesty and experience in Lawn Mowing and Garden Maintenance. We have built a business across Sydney in the St Ives area and our business is based on commitment to our customers.

Our main customers are: Commercial properties including schools & churches and residential customers.

Our services include Lawn Mowing and Garden Maintenance including: weeding, trimming, hedging, pruning, gutter cleaning, rubbish removal, mulching services and much more.

Our focus is to make a better place for your family and the environment. Whether you need a little or a lot done, we will deliver our excellent services at a reasonable price. Remember a better environment is a key to a better life.

Our focus is to make a better place for your family and the environment. We focus on our community first. Pro Cut Lawns St Ives will make sure your service is completed at the most convenient time for you, we are fast and offer a fair price.

What We Do!

  • General Lawn Mowing – Commercial and Residential Properties. Mowing lawns and removing all clippings are a main part of our business. Apart from residential properties, we focus on schools, parklands, sports grounds, as well as all vacant lots and all types of body corporate properties. We are fully insured in case of any type of incident.
  • Lawn Mowing – Edging, Trimming and cleaning up Paths and Driveways. This is the most requested job we do. We’ll make sure your requests and preferences are satisfied.

We would like to transform your lawn and garden and keep the surroundings tidy. Our service uses professional equipment designed to take care of all types of lawns. We are happy to offer advice about how often your lawn needs mowing and all additional services needed to create a healthy garden.

  • Hedges, Trees, Shrubs and Plants, including pruning roses. Once a quarter (four times a year) we’ll work with you to make sure your trees and all types of plants, including roses, are maintained and tidied up. We’ll advise you why and how you need to prune your plants. Remember, pruning roses will promote new and healthy growth.
  • Garden Maintenance – Our aim is to make your garden a better place for living and enjoyment. This is an on-going service for all our regular customers. Please let us control all weeds (wherever they are) in consultation with you, so we remove them safely or simply pull them out. Let us bring your garden back.
  • Cleaning Gutters, Paths and Driveways; Removal of dead, damaged and non-productive plants (e.g. roses); Moss and Mould Elimination using a specific, safe chemical; Cleaning, weeding, tidying up and general maintenance of Garden Beds; Lawn Care, such as feeding and fertilising lawns; Rubbish Removal and much more. With you, we can bring back your Garden under your considerations.

Pro Cut Lawn Mowing and Gardening Gordon Services is available to service all of St Ives and surrounding suburbs.

I’ve worked at this area almost two years and want to grow up our commitment to the community in this area.

Our business hours are 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday. We are available on Sundays for urgent jobs. Pro Cut Lawn Mowing and Gardening Gordon quote per job not per hour.

All prices would be based on a standard suburban block and they may vary slightly. Extra costs will apply if Pro Cut Lawn Mowing and Gardening Gordon need to take rubbish away.

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