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Lawn Mowing Nambour

Neatly mowed lawns, mulched garden beds, trimmed hedges, and pruned roses. Maintaining your garden can make your whole property stand out. Whether you’re looking for regular mowing, new to topiary, or after a complete garden make-over – Pro Cut has you sorted!


The team at Pro Cut Lawns Nambour consist of Marcus, and his father in law, Alex. Both Marcus and Alex are long time locals in the Nambour area, with decades of experience between them in landscaping, garden maintenance and lawn mowing techniques. Holding a variety of professional equipment, means you get professional results. Marcus and Alex’s expertise means they can expertly navigate through your outdoor areas; adding vibrancy, care and they can tackle all your gardening needs!

While the team at Pro Cut Lawns Nambour love to service regular lawn mowing and gardening needs, their true passion lays in the hinterlands, with large property clean-ups. Owning an acerage and needing the vast lawns maintained is no sweat to Marcus and Alex.

Proper removal of green waste and hard rubbish removal (Fees may apply), Aerating, Landscaping, fertilising, pest control, some of the many services they can do!

Are you having problems with lawn patching? Is your veggie patch being devoured by pests as soon as anything grows? Is your hedge looking worse for wear? Weeds taking over your lovely, paved entertainment area? Give us a call, we want to help!

gardens and lawns mowed in NAMBOUR

Marcus and Alex are a family team who perform the highest-quality gardening and lawn care for residential and commercial properties throughout the Hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast. They are a dynamic team of professionals, offering services that range from mowing to full garden tidy ups, and everything in between. If your shrubs are overgrown and your beds full of weeds, we can transform your home with a full property clean-up.

When life gets busy, its near impossible to prioritise gardening… Perhaps you have a dream entertainment scene, just lacking the time to put it all together? Don’t get caught up on the why, when and how’s – let us sort out a schedule that works with you, and for you! With experience in landscaping and niche for the outdoors, we will put our green thumb to use so you can relax in your new outdoor retreat!

Abundant green hedges, lush healthy lawns, brilliantly coloured flowers – eye spy all of this out your window! Learn which plants thrive best in Nambour and how to best maintain and allow your garden to grow into its best self- all while supporting your local gardener!

Fun Fact: 90 km North of central Brisbane, 12 km inland from Maroochydore is the lovely town Nambour. The name Nambour was derived from an Aboriginal word describing tea-tree bark. The oil from this tree, has been used as traditional medicine by Indigenous Australians for centuries.

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