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Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Pro Cut Lawn & Garden Care Can provide many maintenance services for your Home, Business or Commercial Property.

Such as, Gutter cleaning, Pressure cleaning, Window Cleaning, Handy Man Work, Tree Lopping / Stump Grinding, Landscaping & Mulching , Sprinkler Installation & Repairs, Lawn Aerating and Much Much More.

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maintenance services

Gutter Cleaning

If you haven’t checked your gutters for a while or you notice your gutters are overflowing when it rains, then ask one of our Pro Cut operators to inspect and clean your gutters. Blocked gutters and drains can cause damage to your gutters and house and are also a fire hazard. We recommend cleaning your gutters every 6 months to ensure they are in good condition.

maintenance services

Pressure Cleaning

Do you have unsightly algae, dirt or cobwebs around your home, entertaining area or paths? Pro Cut operators can pressure clean your exterior walls, driveway etc to remove the dirt and algae and leave your home sparkling clean.
Have a commercial property or residential complex that needs maintaining? We can clean your exterior walls, common areas, BBQ area, pool surrounds, parking bays etc to keep your property clean, safe and presentable.

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Window Cleaning

Your windows are one of the first things anyone sees when entering your home. Along with leaving your windows looking beautiful, having your windows professionally cleaned regularly will remove the dust and dirt that house microorganisms that can eventually ruin your glass!
So regardless of whether you would like the outside windows cleaned or glass pool fences or balustrades cleaned, Pro Cut are here to assist you and provide you with a prompt, professional and friendly service guaranteed!

maintenance services

Handy Man Work

Need a handy man? Pro Cut operators can help with minor repairs while working at your property. We can fix an external tap leak, tighten a gate latch etc. Just ask, we are here to help.

maintenance services

Landscaping & Mulching

We don’t only do lawns. We can also take care of your garden beds and give them a makeover removing weeds, dead branches and even replanting for you. Pro Cut recommends mulching the garden beds using bark or a product of your liking to conserve water and create a great appearance and street appeal.

maintenance services

Sprinkler Installation & Repairs

Need sprinklers installed. Let the Pro Cut team take care of this for you. We can arrange a suitable system to suit your requirements and can also repair existing sprinkler systems to keep your lawn and garden looking great.

maintenance services

Lawn Aerating

In most cases, the best possible method of coring a lawn is always the Coring Machine. With each tine that enters the soil, a plug is removed, allowing for the greatest possible level of water, nutrient and oxygen absorption.
The benefits of using a Coring Machine will continue for a long period of time afterward, while the holes take time to refill themselves. Even after refilling, the same original holes will continue to be far easier flowing for the absorption and flow of soil nutrients, water and oxygen.
A coring machine will make a bit of a mess on the surface of your lawn initially, but after one or two mows your lawn will be back to its original state and be better for it.

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